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Novae Res

This is an incomplete and cursory description of my self-observations.

I am a male of 20 year’s age who has grown increasingly cynical about the mental capacity of humanity. I have almost fully recovered from terminal Christianity that dominated my life throughout my teens, flavors both Catholic and Protestant. I value mind and intelligence over any other attribute of a human, but I perceive these as only means to my goal of pleasure in this life. I receive pleasure from understanding myself and my perceptive world, though I freely admit that logical and psychological limitations prevent me from ever uncovering the “Absolute Truth,” if such exists.

I love intelligent people. For those friends I respect, I will do as much as I would for even myself. Unfortunately, intelligence is too rare a trait. Few people seek Greatness and Excellence, power at the full capacity of their abilities. I myself have only recently begun to better myself for a grandiose and fulfilled life.

I love women. In my mind the female body is near aesthetic perfection, though this is chiefly a product of chemicals dancing in my cortex. So be it. I am a chemical reaction. Most humans, including the subset of females, however, are unintelligent. This has of late produced a great disappointment in me for finding an equal with whom to share myself. Thus, in the meantime my dalliances are limited to short-term, temporary associations for mutual gain.

I love sex. Coitus is for me a swift way to break into another person’s world-sphere and perceptive reality. This can be accomplished through long-term interpersonal interaction, but it has been my experience that sex provides the fastest and most intense short-term connection. When two already have such a connection and then consummate it enthusiastically in the physical act, they produce something much deeper; this, I call making love.

I am a libertarian. I believe in societally-granted human rights that allow each to live unimpeded by others or the State. I am for the legalization of drugs, against capital punishment, and for the reduction of taxes in proportion to reduction of governmental spending. Bush is either incompetent or evil. One cuts taxes when the State can afford it and not one second before. I am against sustaining a national debt. I am against all forms of legal marriage; the term itself should be limited to religious institutions, the State only interfering in the financial effects of civil unions, between persons of all orientations.

I am strongly against socialism and populism. I do not trust the State nearly enough to offer that much power. In an age where both State and corporation are corrupt, I would rather not give the State (which is ultimately controlled by the corporations) the unifying and monopolizing power that socialism brings.

I currently plan on becoming an attorney. I know not yet what field in which I wish to specialize, but I am becoming increasingly more attracted to an eventual career in politics.

I love to communicate what I have learned almost as much as understanding in the first place. I am currently in the first stages of writing a rather large piece of fiction, though I know not how long it will be or when it shall be completed.

I am a bit of an elitist, if you haven't already noticed. Yet this doesn't effect my dealings with strangers overly much; I treat every human with justice and civility until they either prove their greater or lesser worth. You can ask anyone who knows me, I am fairly easy to get along with.

In large part, that is due to my laid-back nature. I am not easily upset by anything, and it takes a long and persistent campaign to upset my status quo.

Change seems the one constant in my life. Much of this may be innaccurate by the time you read it. But hopefully the core will remain constant. Unless I deem it better otherwise...
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