Stephen Louis Guertin, KSC, MPPOEE (aletheos) wrote,
Stephen Louis Guertin, KSC, MPPOEE

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It's that time again.

Those of you who have known me for any length of time understand that I tend to change journals often.

The best way I can explain this tendency is by analogy to a hermit-crab that has outgrown its shell and searches for another. There is no rational purpose to this so far as I can tell, but I have an almost itching urge to switch. It is a nagging, decisive thrust, and I personally don't mind forcing you all to go through the trouble of re-adding me. I really don't, or rather can't, care anymore about public opinion. Let the fire burn the chaff.

Journal #4:

I may still use this one for personal updates (however rare) and the other for thought posts.
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