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In Nomine Anni, et Diei, et Quae sunt Sancti.

Oh new year gods, it's a 1971 VW Bug for $800, and the vehicle only needs a new transmission. Please make thine appearance now, and let the manifold horrors of 2005 rest in a cold, lonely hell. Please, Oh, please, just this once, let me get a break; to be specific, let me attain this car and let it not be a lemon.

I ask this in Wagner's Name,


Saturday was wonderful.

Kelly is not what I once believed she was.

Tristan and Isolde was a good movie. Props, Richard W.

Anyone up for 80's night this week? I'm considering inviting everyone.

Less than a week to freedom.

I wonder if Steve Martin can treat the Pink Panther fairly.

We will see.
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