Stephen Louis Guertin, KSC, MPPOEE (aletheos) wrote,
Stephen Louis Guertin, KSC, MPPOEE

Ah, It Was Inevitable.

This is not an endorsement of violence or cannibalism. But maybe Cannabis.

To those who have no journal, get one.

To those who lurk, comment and you will be added if you are found worthy.

That is all.

Tags: friend's only
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That is the coolest drawing I have ever seen in my life. "Only a penitent man may pass" comes to mind.

The title of the journal as per the drawing is also really awesome. Good job man.
Haha, thanks.


January 18 2006, 00:51:54 UTC 11 years ago

No! There's no reason to do that! I refuse to make a journal. You lose!!! -Stephanie
I love you Steph.
Behold, I lurk. Not as often as I used to, given my lack of intarweb in my room, but I am here.
Hahaha, ok.

You were already on the list, though, so it doesn't really affect you.
I'm already added.....right?
Hahaha, yes, Brit.
Sure, I look forward to chatting sometime.
Definitely. You seem interesting. [I found you in the brutal honesty community, by the way. Incase you were wondering.]
Yeah, thanks.